Corpo creations: How Cyberpunk 2077 explores manufactured mutants – by Steph Farnsworth

Introduction Avatars are our escape points into imaginative worlds. Their capacity to transport us into another realm allows players a certain freedom, and so it becomes a bold choice to give players a protagonist that is facing a chronic and terminal illness. But this becomes the foundation of Cyberpunk 2077’s story, as the game andContinue reading “Corpo creations: How Cyberpunk 2077 explores manufactured mutants – by Steph Farnsworth”

3 Minute Theory: Introduction

Our 3 Minute Theory section is for theoretical concepts, ideas and analysis of between 300 – 600 words. Alternatively, researchers may submit 3-6 minute videos to our YouTube channel. These are quick written articles to disseminate core ideas, and to engage in an accessible but thorough way with contemporary games studies theorists and developers. TopicsContinue reading “3 Minute Theory: Introduction”

Join MultiPlay’s Committee

MultiPlay is a new academic network that supports a multidisciplinary approach to games studies. We help connect researchers and promote opportunities in the field of games studies, and we organise games studies related events such as conferences. We are currently seeking committee members to help extend the reach of the network, and grow our membership.Continue reading “Join MultiPlay’s Committee”