Join MultiPlay’s Committee

MultiPlay is a new academic network that supports a multidisciplinary approach to games studies. We help connect researchers and promote opportunities in the field of games studies, and we organise games studies related events such as conferences.

We are currently seeking committee members to help extend the reach of the network, and grow our membership.

MultiPlay has already received great attention and support, particularly from the University of Sunderland, and our first conference will be held in January. This is a solid platform for the academic network, and MultiPlay is in an ideal moment to establish a committee to advance its activities.

What’s involved

MultiPlay’s new committee will have chaired meetings once a month. These will be led by co-founders Stephanie Farnsworth and Tom Rodgers. Being a member of the committee is a volunteer role, and it is fully flexible how many hours are dedicated to the network outside of the committee meetings.

Each monthly meeting will discuss progress and the direction of the meeting. There will be votes on future activities and on any updates of our policies. As a committee member, you may propose new initiatives and ideas for the network to engage in, help lead groups of volunteers and help organise any conferences or events. For example, if you are passionate that the network could have a podcast series, this may be something you could choose to lead (if the committee was in agreement).

How to apply

If you would like to apply, please email a short biography, a brief list of your skills and areas of the network you would like to develop. You do not have to include an academic background if you do not choose to. We are more interested in assessing potential committee representatives’ vision for the network. MultiPlay is also keen to hear from academic early in their careers, and so we do not require an extensive academic history. Simply tell us how you envision your role in the network and what you could bring to the committee.

Additionally, as we are interested in a range of members, from established academics to emerging researchers, if you feel you would need any support or assistance in fulfilling the role then that should not be a barrier to your application. The network is based upon the principles of mutual cooperation and support, and so if you feel you lack experience then the network will support you in your endeavours on the committee.

To apply to be a committee member, or to find out more information about the role, please email with the subject heading ‘Committee’.

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