Queering and Questioning Video Games Conference

We are delighted to announce that our next conference will be held on Wednesday 1st June. The conference will be two hours long, from 5pm to 7pm.

There will be a keynote speech, followed by presentations by academics and games industry experts that will last for twenty minutes each and be followed by a ten-minute question and answer session.

Free tickets are available here.

Keynote: What are the social forces which constrain queer people, and how might the digital age offer resistance to this? – Drew Dalton

This talk will pull from queer theory to frame some of the larger social forces which impact upon, and constrain, queer people globally. However, with the digital age we have seen the changing nature of queer representation within gaming and online spaces. This talk will outline the issues facing queer people online, and broad forms of resistance to this.

Drew Dalton is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology and the Programme Leader for the MSc Inequality and Society at the University of Sunderland. Drew has significant industry experience in the Third Sector, human rights and in education. He has been Chair of several organisations including those that have highlighted LGBTQI+ histories and those that support LGBTQI+ Muslims. Currently he is the Founder and Chair of ReportOUT, a global human rights charity for sexual and gender minorities.


Whose Mask in the Water?: Decolonising Queer Indigneous Objects, Characters, and Couplings in Dream of Darkness – Tamika Glouftsis, Dr. Joshua Fitzgerald

Explorations of Bisexuality as a Ludo-mechanic – Carlos Ramírez-Moreno

Pornographic Video Games and Queer/ness: Experiences of Resistance, Possibility and (Re)Articulation – Harrison Charles

“But First We Need to Talk About Parallel Universes:” Vectorizing Trans Power in Videogames – PS Berge

Roundtable: Non-binary and Asexual Representation in Video Games – Christine Tomlinson, Rachel Peskett

Reading group

MultiPlay’s reading group will launch on Monday 28th February, the first group starting at 5pm GMT.

To find out more about the reading group, please join our Discord community where we have a dedicated reading channel.

Multiplay: Reading Group Symposia and Planning

Mission statement of the reading group: Dr. Tom Rodgers 15/02/2022

The Multiplay reading group is intended as an open space for any members of the network to come together and collaboratively discuss key readings related to ‘symposia themes’ – the latter being a key topic for discussion at the first roundtable session to be held on the 28th February. In terms of organizational structure and ‘thematic grouping’, it is intended that the reading group will be dedicated to certain key threads over the course of various sessions before finalizing and publishing a symposia summary. In the spirit of making this a collective endeavor, please do come along to reading group sessions with ideas for literature/research themes to explore and readings that interest you and/or potentially others.


  • 28th February – first meeting, multiple agenda items related to the above to be discussed
  • Thereafter, the current proposition is that the reading club will convene once per month (this is subject to discussion at the aforementioned first meeting)

Symposia themes:

  1. Feminism(s) and Game(s) Studies: the first symposia theme of the reading group will be focused around exploring past, current, and potential future directions for fruitful dialogues between feminism(s) and game(s) studies. Potential topics for exploration will include (but are not limited to):
    1. Issues of Sexuality and gender in videogames and the videogames industry;
    1. Sex work in videogames;
    1. Misogyny in videogames and/or the videogames industry;
    1. Representations of relationships in videogame culture;