Space and Place in Virtual Worlds: A MultiPlay ConferenceMonday 12th September

Good morning,

MultiPlay is delighted to announce the start of a week-long series of events dedicated to examining the concepts of place and space in video games. This starts with a free online conference on Monday the 12th of September, and will be followed by seminars, panels, and social events throughout that week. 

You can claim your free tickets to our conference here.

Our conference on Monday is the opener to a week-long celebration of place and space in video games. 

Our keynote speaker is Daniel Muriel. Daniel holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of the Basque Country. Daniel is an experienced researcher and author on identity, video game culture, leisure, digital technology, and cultural heritage. He has worked at universities across Spain, the United Kingdom, and Argentina, and, more recently, has collaborated with public and private institutions to create and design contents for art exhibitions and cultural events. He is author of Identidad Gamer (Anaitgames, 2021, 2nd ed; 2018 1st ed), coauthor of Video Games as Culture (Routledge, 2018) and Un mes en Tinder siendo mujer gamer (Applehead, 2021). Website: 

Timetable for the day as follows: 

Session 1 (Morning) 

10am – Opening of the conference 

10.05am – Game spaces as non-player characters: Recognising non-human agency in the spaces of Bloodborne – Charlotte Gislam 10.40am – Magical objects in strange new worlds: The Post-apocalyptic virtual spaces of Horizon: Zero Dawn, and The Last of Us – Iris S Kleinecke-Bates 

11.15 – The Construction of Biopunk Places and Spaces in Video Games – Steph Farnsworth 

11.55 – Rasterise to Raze: Gamer Vectors that Place Pixels, Displace Indigenous Identities, and Birth Digi-Conquistador Playscapes – Dr Joshua Fitzgerald 

12.30 – Establishing a Space for Archaeologists in Gaming: The Development of the ArchaeoGaming Collective Authors 

Session 2 (Afternoon/evening) 

4pm – Opening of second session 

4.05pm – Keynote by Daniel Muriel

4.55pm – Being-at-home in in the metaverse – attunement, dwelling and immersion in VR – Leighton Evans 

5.25pm – A World We Dreamed Up Together: Placemaking in Terraforming Games as Relationship-Building Practice – Amari Low 

6.05pm – Non-Musical(?) Game Spaces: Expanding Fantastical Spaces through Ludomusicology, Spatiality, and Soundscapes – Hannah A. Barton 

6.40pm – Antarctica Rising: Exploring the social value of Antarctic Heritage through WebXR – Lesley Johnston and Emily Godden 

7.15 Conference close

We will announce further details of the events that week on Twitter and in our Discord community

Space and Place in Virtual Worlds : A MultiPlay Conference