Gothic Games and Disturbing Play Conference

In honour of one of the most exciting seasons in the calendar, MultiPlay will be hosting a themed conference on Gothic Games and Disturbing Play. This will be an online conference hosted on the evening of the 25th October.


6.00pm – Opening remarks by Stephanie Farnsworth

6.05pm – Keynote: Abi Johnson presents ‘Show Me Your Teeth:’ Monster Romance on Archive of Our Own.

6.25pm – Jack Orchard – “Under palest watch, you taught, we changed”: Gothic Epistemology and Space in the Metroidvania genre.

6.45pm – Greg Mc Guinness – A Seat at the (Round)table: Engaging with Elden Ring (2022) to Explore Queer Theory’s Social/Anti-Social Divide.

7.05pm – Break.

7. 15pm – Kris Darby – The Mourning Tree: Attempting to Ontologise Remains in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture.

7.35pm – Catherine Pugh and Melody Blackmore – ‘Come, Let Me Eat You’: Traumatic Landscapes as Devouring Gothic in Little Nightmares.

7.55pm – Ewan Kirkland – An Avatar is Being Beaten: Sadism, Masochism and Haunting Ground.

8.15pm – Jemma Morgan – Eco-Cosmicism: Re-Reading Lovecraft in the Wake of the Climate Crisis.

8.35pm – Closing remarks.

You can claim your free tickets to our conference here: