About Us

The Network for Multidisciplinary Research on Digital Play and Games

Our Mission

Multi Play supports a multidisciplinary approach to video game studies. Our membership is comprised of media scholars, sociologists, education researchers, and researchers in the field of game development. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to games studies, as video games and digital play expands in influence across sectors and industries.

Our Committee Members

Steph Farnsworth

I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Sunderland. I’m researching how the Mass Effect video game series explores bio-anxiety through mutant characters. I’m developing
‘Mutant Theory’ to examine how stories depict our relationship to biotechnology.

Tom Rodgers

I am a Sociologist and Criminologist whose teaching and research interests coalesce around contemporary political economy, social theory, social harm, and digital/social media.

I am the Writer and Director of Dream of Darkness, a Lovecraft+Aztecs video game for PC. With his startup he pushes the limits of tech and storytelling, starting with the tales of his hometown of the Aztec capital, current Mexico City.

Solaire Zhou

I am a PhD student at Loughborough University. My current research focuses on class, gaming practice and social inequalities.

Our Members

Calum Evans

I am a University of Sunderland alumnus and current PhD candidate. My research focuses on romance in video games, specifically representations of romance, and modding as resistance.

Sara Khan and Daz Skubich

Both Sara and Daz are involved in leading Game Assist – a multimedia project, making video essays which aim to research, explore and discuss the politics of liberation, accessibility and representation in video games. GA aims to make this material accessible both through video essays and through the more casual format of streaming and LetsPlay commentary.