About Us

The Network for Multidisciplinary Research on Digital Play and Games

Our Mission

MultiPlay supports a multidisciplinary approach to video game studies. Our membership is comprised of media scholars, sociologists, education researchers, and researchers in the field of game development. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to games studies, as video games and digital play expands in influence across sectors and industries.

Our Committee

MultiPlay is ran by a democratic committee. The committee is responsible for organising and running conferences, ensuring the commitment to our equalities policy, providing opportunities for early career researchers and working to cultivate a collaborate environment.

Our committee nominations are an open process. To join, send an expression of interest to networkmultiplay@gmail.com

Our Editorial Board

The editorial board is responsible for ensuring publication opportunities for our network, by negotiating and driving book deals and journal proposals. The editorial board meets once a month to propose new projects, and to support current projects through to development.

Our Membership

MultiPlay is home to 200 members. Members of our Discord get to be a part of a supportive and collaborative environment, that is particularly focussed on supporting early career researchers. Members are also invited to our fortnightly reading group.